Three Legged Race – Let’s Get Together

Three Legged RaceGetting people together is hard, everyone is busy and has fast paced lives that are jam packed with work, school and other activities. It is important to take time to reconnect with those we love. What better way to do that than physically tying ourselves to our family and friends? One of the most popular games that people love to play with family and friends is three legged race. It is a major hit with the kids. Everyone loves the concept of running with someone they think they can match steps with.

Things Required

  • Participants should be in even number (because this game is played in couples)
  • Something to tie the legs (It can be a neck tie, rope or a scarf)
  • Open space
  • An open mind

How to play

This is a very simple game and everyone can play it. Kids, youngsters, and older couples, can all enjoy this game. All you need is to decide who will be your partner. Once everyone has got their partner, they need to tie one leg of each player to the other player’s leg. For instance, if partner A ties his right leg then it should be tied to the left leg of partner B. This way, they end up becoming one single unit with three legs. Ensure to use something soft, like a handkerchief or a scarf as opposed to rope or string to ensure noone gets hurt or is uncomfortable.

Once all the pairs are ready to go, start the race to a defined end point. The pair who reaches the end point first is declared the winner. Players can add a variation to this by making the race go to and fro. This means that all the participants need to reach the end point and come back to the start point and then the winner is decided.