Tag Along Your Family – Tag!

TagOne of the oldest games in the book that has traditionally been enjoyed by kids and adults alike is “Tag”. It is an all-time favorite of most of kids, however, can be definitely played by adults too. You don’t even need to be in great form like the women in women’s Olympic qualifying groups, this game does not require anything else than being able to run. So, for a sunny outdoor family get together or a pleasant evening in the backyard, “tag” is a good choice. In order to play this game, first and foremost everyone should decide on the person who will become the “tagger”. They can ask participants to nominate one or the person can nominate himself.

Once the “tagger” is selected, he or she will have to run after others because his job is to touch or tag someone. Rest of the people will keep running away from the tagger because in case the tagger touches a person, then this new person becomes the tagger. So basically, there is no way the game will ever end. This endless game can end only when everyone mutually decides to stop playing.

Certain rules that need to be taken care of are:

  • The area needs to be decided till where the players can run away from the tagger to escape otherwise it becomes difficult to tag someone as they will run anywhere to any extent. So decide on the area.
  • The safe area can be defined too. This area is basically a place where if other players are standing, they can’t be tagged.

There is no age restriction to enjoy this game. No team or partners are required as this is an individual game. It is better to play in open spaces. There are hundreds of variations of tag that exist including freeze tag, octopus, toilet tag, etc. It is always fun to try and invent a new type of tag and make it your own. There are no boundaries when it comes to fun.