Swing It – Horseshoes

Swing It - HorseshoesNext time you plan an outing with your family and friends; don’t waste any time and effort on thinking what to do when you will reach there. Apart from the usual camping aids, one can get confused when it comes to deciding the outdoor family game. Horseshoes is one such game that can be played by all and is a lot of fun. The best part of playing this game is that it can be played by two people or even twenty. If there are more people, they can be divided into teams and then these teams can compete against one another. What’s better than some competition and a test of your aim?

This game needs horseshoes. So, if you are planning to play this game with family members, then choose rubber horseshoes that are easily available in the market. If the group is older, metal horseshoes are the traditional shoe of choice.As per the traditional guidelines of the game, the stakes (targets) are set 40 feet apart in the sandbox area. In order to decide who will go first, players can toss the horseshoe. The winner of the toss gets to throw both the horseshoes at the opposite stake. After that, the second player throws both the horseshoes at his end. There is a scoreboard to maintain score. Then the process is supposed to be repeated in reverse order. Reverse order means that this time, the horseshoes are thrown at the original stake and not the competitor’s.

There are rules for this game that needs to be followed. However one can modify the rules to make it as simple or as complicated as he or she desires. However, if one is looking for original rules, then same can be downloaded and printed out from the internet for reference purposes. This is an exciting game. A target is set for points and whoever reaches that milestone first is declared the winner. This game was very popular in the wild west.