Potato Sack Race

Potato Sack RaceFamily reunions, friends’ birthdays, community picnics; these are all appropriate times to get down right silly. What better time to hop in a sack and make yourself look like a fool. Potato sack races are fun, easy and promote friendly competition and ensure to make everyone laugh.

Things Required

  • People (the more, the merrier)
  • Sacks (as many as the number of people racing)
  • Open space
  • a finish line
  • a carefree attitude

How to play

It is a simple activity loaded with fun and laughter. There is no age restriction and anyone can play this game, it is a real test of coordination. First and foremost, everyone should gather in some open space like a park. Then people can mutually decide the start and the end point. Once the boundaries are decided, people need to gather at the start point. Everyone should wear the sacks in their legs and hold it with both their hands.

The moment the race starts, people are supposed to hop their way towards the end point. Some people hop, some try to run, some fall and only one wins! These races are also commonly known as gunny race. It is important to note that the sack should comfortably reach the waist of the participants to ensure they can easily hold it while hopping towards the end point.

Exciting prizes for the winners can be arranged in advance to make the whole event more fun and worthwhile. In case you are not able to find the sacks or gunny bags, you can also go for large pillow covers. They can be used as sacks however the cleaning process after the race can be a serious effort as usually sack races take place on grass to avoid injury if someone falls. Always ensure to play safe and take measures to make sure the environment is safe and fun.