Outdoor Family Game – Tug of War

Tug of WarSo you planning a picnic with family and thinking of a game that can involve everyone? Well, the wait ends here because there is one such game that can never go out of fashion. One of the best games of all-time and a favorite of almost everyone is Tug of War. This game involves everyone and can make for some fun family rivalry. It is simple to play and if you haven’t played it till now, you can easily learn it. Let’s look at how one can enjoy tug of war:


  • People (As many as possible)
  • A rope (A sturdy one)
  • A chalk

How to play

  • First and foremost, divide all the participants into two teams. For this, captains can be chosen first and then captains can choose participants into two teams by choosing one person turn by turn. Just ensure that strength wise team is equal.
  • Next, a line needs to be drawn using the chalk or marked in the grass with some sort of marker. Remember that the game should be played where there is enough.
  • Now get the rope and find the center of the rope. Tie a hankie at the center so that it can be identified at all times.
  • On each side of the hankie, one team will stand holding the rope – everyone at the same time. The hankie should be exactly above the line drawn by the chalk.
  • Next, on the “go”, both the teams need to start pulling the rope towards their side with all their strength.
  • The team that is able to pull the other team on their side of the line wins.

Tug of war makes for fun competition between friends and family, however always ensure to take precautionary measures to makes sure it is safe and fun for everyone!