Marble Race – Fish Them Out!

Marble RaceWhen summers are around and kids are enjoying holidays, it is time for family together. With so many family members and friends, a lot of people believe that outdoor activities are priceless because they can be a source of a lot of fun and happiness. There are so many ways in which people can actually enjoy the company of each other and have loads of fun. Creativity is key in enjoying the outdoors and one game or activity worth considering is a marble race. This is somewhat similar to marble fishing. This outdoor game is more fun in the summers because you have to dip your feet in the water in order to play this game.

Things required

  • Marbles (as many as possible)
  • Water Tubs
  • Water
  • People
  • Chairs
  • Watch

How to play

Playing marble race is simple and requires little set up or instructions. People can randomly choose or get their competitors allotted. Both of them must head to the tub of water. There should be two chairs placed adjacent to each other for both the players. A referee is required who will monitor the time and ensure that players do not engage in foul play.

The participants should start fishing the marbles from the water after the referee gives the “go” indication. This can be played as a one-minute activity or whatever time period best suits your needs. Whoever gets maximum number of marbles in that one minute is announced as the winner. It is a lot of fun to watch people wriggle their toes in order to get as many marbles as possible and throw them in their bucket.

This activity can also be played by dividing everyone in the family into two teams and each team can nominate one player for every round. These two players can compete against each other, and with every win the team gets some points. In the end, the team with highest points is declared the winner.