Important Types of Video Game Genres You have to be Acquainted with

How does one distinguish between the numerous video game genres that we have today, with all the different gameplays and stuff like MansionBet Bonus Code? Some of them can fall in multiple categories, while some are a separate category on their own.

But there is a way to understand it and we are here to talk about some important video game genres. 


Massive Multiplayer Online games are all the rage these days. They are widely popular and are characterized by being played over a LAN connection. Using the internet, players reconvene in virtual surroundings and compete against each other.


Adventure video games are loads of fun to play. Along with unique and fascinating gameplay, you also have a story that goes with the game. You get the background of your character and see him develop as you play the game.

The ultimate goal is not only the satisfaction of completing the game but also seeing how the story ends.


These types of video games provide the player with a real-world experience that is not accessible to them. So if you want to fly an airplane or go bungee jumping, these video games allow you to feel firsthand what it is like.


Puzzle games are brain games and force you to use your cognitive skills. They are not based on reflexes or being good at hand-eye coordination, you simply have to think to finish it. They have a gameplay style which is really easy but requires a lot of thinking to complete the game.


First-person shooters are exactly what the name of the genres says – Shooting at people from a first-person perspective. The genre has grown in popularity with the internet and with the ability to play against other players online. These shooters are massively popular as they allow you to complete a campaign on your own or to play against friends.

Stealth Shooter

A Stealth Shooter is a subgenre of a shooter game. First-person shooters allow you to kill everything and everyone in your line of fire. But stealth shooters require you to finish a game with minimal casualties and without being seen.


Widely popular as versus games, these types of video games are fought 1 on 1. They are massive fun as you compete against your friend who is most likely sitting right beside you. They are highly competitive and do require a certain level of skill, but if you are a noob you can get away with button mashing with some characters.


Another way to have a healthy rivalry with your best friend is by playing sports games. Playing 1 on 1 with your best mate is great, but you can also play together and win a title or a competition on your own. Newest sports games offer many different campaigns than older versions did.


Role-playing games usually put you in a fantasy environment or something that you can’t experience in real life. You are the hero and need to play out the story to complete the game. The actions that you make will directly influence the outcome of the game. These games can come with both Good and Bad endings as well.


Real-time strategy games may have dropped down in popularity in recent times but are still holding up. They involve devising a strategy in order to win a campaign. You usually control an army or a group of soldiers and need to construct a base, all with the ultimate aim of destroying the enemy.