Hide and Seek

Hide and SeekBeing outside is good for one’s head, fresh air helps relieve stress, bring people together and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Another way to enjoy the outdoors and beat boredom is the e all-time favorite Hide and Seek. This is a simple game and over a period of time, many has developed and branched into several different variations of the original one. Variations or no variations, hide and seek is fun every time it is played. All that is required to play this game is a lot of people. Of course, there should be open space with hurdles, trees, bushes and everything that can help players to conceal their location.

With no age bar, everyone can play this game. First, to start with, all players need to zero down on the person who will be the finder or “it”. People can nominate one single person to be the seeker. Once this person is selected, some rules need to be laid down. Let’s look at the kind of rules that can be adopted or considered:

  • To ensure safety and security (as kids will also play), mark the boundaries. Marking boundaries also help in ensuring that people are not going endlessly away from the spot in order to conceal their location. With kids around, ensure that unsafe areas are “not allowed” in the boundary.
  • Next thing to be decided is how long the seeker will keep his eyes shut so that the people who are supposed to hide get the time to hide. Usually, the seeker is asked to count aloud till certain number by those who are hiding.

Once these things are decided, the game can start. The seeker needs to find the hiders and then call out there name and location before hiders can touch the seeker. Like this, the seeker has to find all the people. The first person who got found by the seeker becomes the next seeker. And so it goes on!