Fun things to do when it’s raining

Who doesn’t love a picnic in a quiet park near a lake? Still, we must not forget we live in Britain, so there are high chances of rain ruining all the fun. With that in mind, we created this article to give you a few ideas on fun things to do when it’s raining, ranging from singing in the rain to using this Gala Casino Bonus Code to gamble online.

Outdoor activities

To stay within the theme of the website, we’ll start with the fun stuff you can do outside when it’s raining. We should mention though that for this to be enjoyable, the temperature should be tolerable and the rain should fall down in small drops at a moderate pace.

A picnic is still out of the question, but this doesn’t mean you can’t put on your raincoat and go looking for water-loving animals like snails frogs and little ducks. Your children will love the “hunt” and they’ll also learn something about the world around them. If your kids are little, they’ll most likely enjoy playing in the mud. You probably won’t like the aftermath, but give them an hour to build dams, “cook” mud pies and even make mud angels.

Adults could take a romantic walk together and lose the umbrella for a few minutes to truly enjoy the rain touching your face. Maybe get a little euphoric and start dancing in the puddles together. You’ll be soaking wet but at least you’ll have enjoyed some magic moments.

Inside fun

So, you hate the rain and would rather stay inside with a cup of hot chocolate (or mulled wine if you prefer). You can have some alone time reading that good book you’ve been putting off or catch up with your Netflix shows. Another idea is to call a few friends and start a board games marathon. A couple of Catan matches will definitely make the day interesting, or you could keep it fun and simple with entertaining cards games, maybe poker if you feel lucky.

When you’re done with that, how about you bring out the alcoholic beverages, turn up the volume and get this party started? If you’re not in the mood for that, you could all watch a horror movie (that will inevitably turn into a comedy).  

People with children can spend quality time together by building a fort, watching some family movies or playing Activity. The latter can definitely be a lot of fun, provided that your children are actually teens and you can convince them to get out of their rooms for a family night. This can be quite difficult to achieve but if you come up with a few financial incentives or threats of turning off the WiFi, you’ll get results.