Family games inspired by gambling

Family games can really be fun and addictive, especially if you are the one winning. Your family might not agree with you, but they will keep playing, regardless, as many games are just way too much fun to pass out on. But, did you know that many family games have their origin in gambling?

When talking about gambling, Red Tiger Slots can take your mind of a hard day’s work with slot machine games. Do know, however, that these gambling games might have inspired many of you family games.

A Quick Look at the Family Games Inspired by Gambling:

While you might not be aware of it, many games that you come across have some foundation in gambling. Whether it’s a dice game, card game or wheel game, most of them have connections to actual gambling games, and the dice, cards and the wheel are just some of the gambling residues. Here are a couple of games that have their origin in gambling:


This game is very popular and is played by youngsters and adults alike and it involves 5 dice and 13 rows where each field is filled only once. The score is counted across several games, usually 5-6. There are variations of this game but the rules stay pretty much similar while the layout might change a little, with the rows resembling the branded game.

Yahtzee has its origins in Poker Dice, which has 3 rolls and 5 dice, similar to Yahtzee. The game is very similar to Generala, as well, which is played mostly in Ibero-America and sometimes in Europe and the United States. Yacht is another game that Yahtzee looks up to, having almost the same rules except that Yacht has no upper section bonus or a three of a kind row, and that they have two straights, starting from 1 and 2, the one starting from 2 being worth more points. Additionally, Yacht has no Yahtzee bonuses.


This card game uses an entire deck of 52 cards or more, depending on the variation of the game. It has its origins in Conquian, a Mexican game, as well as Khanoo, a Chinese game. The goal of the game is to shed all your cards, or as many as possible, depending on the variation of the game, thus scoring points, more or less, again, depending on the variation of the game. After a select number of rounds, the player with the biggest or smallest score, wins.

Many card games take their inspiration from Poker while many wheel games take their inspiration from the Roulette, as these have been around for a long time, and are prominent games.  Imagine a Texas Hold ‘Em with zombies, or just turn your TV to the ever-present Wheel of Fortune. While it is not strictly a family game, rather a game show, you are likely to cheer for a family member on the show, inspired directly by the roulette.

The next time you find yourself in a family game that includes dice, cards or a wheel, think about their origin as they might be very well descendants of gambling.