Educational Games For All Ages

Computer games are usually seen as a way to kill time and turn off your brain for a moment to escape the real world and enjoy the virtual one. Some even frown upon the mention of computer games, since they see them as mind-numbing tools that stray kids’ attention from important school work and other activities.

Although this might be true for some games, a lot of them can actually be beneficial for your brain workout. Not all games are mindless and violent, as a lot of them require you to think rather than only use your reflexes. This is especially the case with educational games that all people can play, regardless of their age and skill with using a computer or a console. So what are the best educational games for all ages?

Crazy Machines

Guided by a wicked scientist, you will be put on a myriad of tasks that include logical, physical, electrical, and gravitational puzzles. The best thing about this game is that some puzzles can be solved in several different ways. There are more than 200 challenging puzzles to solve and there’s even a sequel called Crazy Machines 2.


If you would like to learn coding by playing a video game, you can do so with TIS-100. This game is completely based on text, which means that you will literally have to enter codes in order to progress. You can also use the editor to create your own puzzles, which can be as equally fun.


A puzzle game that brings upon a challenge or running a factory and making various products. Beware though, as puzzles can get really difficult really fast, and sometimes it will take more time than you think in order to solve them. On the upside, however, completing a level can be very satisfying.

Typing of the Dead

You think you can type really fast? Then try Typing of the Dead. While this game might not be for all ages since it has gory scenes of exploding zombie heads, it can in fact be pretty useful. The words appear on the screen when the enemy approaches you and if you are not fast enough to type in those words, the game is over.

Crayon Physics

Imagine that you child’s colored pencil drawings can come to life and that you can interact with the drawn objects. Well, this only begins to describe how imaginative a game like Crayons Physics is. In this game, you will have the freedom to draw anything you like in order to solve various puzzles, collect stars, and progress to the next stage.