Best Games With Horses for Equestrian-themed Fun

Seems like a niche market at first glance, right? Most people have a connection with horses that extends as far as promotions like Coral Cheltenham 2021. However, there is a lot of love for our four-legged friends in the world of games and gaming, so here we are. Here are the best horse games out there.

Japan World Cup (1,2, and 3)

This is a joke game, but it is an awesome one. Japan World Cup does not give you any control over the riders or the horses. It is a horse-racing game in that horses are racing, but you can only guess who the winner is going to be.

There are horses that elongate their necks, an Elvis impersonator, a horse that gets a speed boost when it starts to floss, and so many others, each one more bizarre than the last. Each game in the series is pretty short and the entertainment in each one is limited, but the comedy is golden, so they’ve made it to the list.

Star Stable Online

MMORPGs generally follow the same path. Here is a range of heroes you can choose, go on this quest, kill that thing, collect that gear, and do it all again after you no longer care about the story and the focus shifts on grinding, raids, and paid content.

However, Star Stable Online doesn’t exactly fall into this category. You take care of horses, solve mysteries and go on quests, but the focal point of the game is having your own horse and nurturing it. The style is slightly simple for a modern game, but it’s cute and updated regularly. If you have a little one that is crazy about horses, this game could be perfect for them.

Alicia Online

This is a Korean MMO that went offline but was restored by fans. The game allows you to keep horses on a ranch and then race and compete in very unrealistic, but fantastic, races. Your horse can double-jump, glide with Pegasus wings, and even drift.

You can customize your avatar, level up your horse’s racing abilities, and enjoy the overall fast-paced environment.

The only potential problem some people have with the game is the lack of translation of certain parts of the game, but that is easy to disregard, especially considering volunteers keep this game up for free.

Sims 3 Pets

The wonderful thing about the entire Sims franchise is that there is, quite literally, something for everyone. Sims 3 Pets is no exception to the rule. This is a perfect game for those that enjoy horses but don’t want the competition found in online MMOs.

Pets is an expansion pack, so you are going to need the original game before you can play it. You can’t control the horse directly, but you take care of it the same way you do about the humans. Your Sims can ride the horses and the horses have different personalities. As far as horse-themed games go, there are better ones, but also worse ones.