Best Co-Op Games to Play Online

If you don’t want to ruin a relationship playing versus or sports games against your friend you can join forces and defeat the game together. Playing with a friend is loads of fun and can often improve your relationship unless you get too cocky and take things too far ending with one of you swinging the joystick at the other one’s head.

Co-op is the best way to enjoy a gaming session since the two of you can combine your gaming skills in order to get to the ultimate goal of the game. Upgrading together, having your friend’s back, and even telling him about a Mybet Partner Code during the game will make for a greater gaming experience.

Here are some of the games that you can try.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Imagine a scenario where you are trying to defuse a bomb while your friend is on the line telling you how to do it. With the help of VR technology, it is more than possible. One of you will be wearing a VR headset and looking at the contraption that is about to explode while the other one is beside you in the real world looking at documents on how to disarm it.

The better the directions and the faster you are able to execute them the greater the chance that the bomb will not explode. So just keep calm and listen to your friend.

Don’t Starve Together

The indie game that has taken a lot of people by storm can now be played with a friend. Don’t Starve’s claustrophobic atmosphere can now be shared with a friend. Chances are that you are going to survive, or not starve, if you are in it together. The tactics start to take a whole new dimension when you have a friend that you don’t want to lose by your side. You can split the workload and protect each other better as you try to establish a base and go as many days as possible not dying. 

Portal 2

The incredible gameplay mechanics that Portal introduced to the world of gaming was captivating. Having an entrance portal and an exit one in a puzzle/platformer game was an incredible idea. Getting through all of it alone was pretty had. But when you add the element of another person doing the same thing it gets so much more interesting.

The gameplay is the same with the added aspect that you have to work together to get through all the obstacles and make it till the end. Both of you have to think long and hard in order to pass through all the barriers created. The only shortcoming is that this game is only available on PC right now. But it does not take away one bit from all the fun that you will be having.