7 Amazing Games to Play With Alexa

We knew that we could use Alexa to learn about the weather outside, info on the song we couldn’t get out of our heads, check out the deal behind the William Hill bonus code, or to help us with some quick math, among its seemingly endless range of options. Well, now we know that, with Alexa in the room, we can actually play a multitude of games. Here are the best ones.

Song Quiz

Imagine being on one of those bar quizzes where you have to guess the song and the artist. With a few friends or family members over you can recreate that feeling and go into thrilling six rounds of musical trivia.

The Magic Door

Do you like roleplaying games, but can’t keep track of the different stats and don’t feel like playing with some people? Never fear, Alexa is there to help you with the Magic Door. You are given a choice of three locations: the mountains, the dark forest, or the sea. From there, you encounter creatures, solve puzzles and make choices that will, hopefully, lead you to the Magic Door. Alexa is your non-human, interactive, and verbal game master.

Would You Rather

This one is more social. For those of you who don’t know, Would You Rather is a game that’s a great icebreaker when you meet someone new and full of delicious awkwardness when your friends answer in a way you wouldn’t expect. In the game, you choose between two options. It could be something easy, like having either cats or dogs as pets. It could also get tricky, R-rated, or both, so make sure you turn on the PG filter if you want to play in a more family-friendly setting.

Yes Sire

Being a lord can be tough. You have to make difficult decisions on the fly, calming down the peasant folk, appeasing the king, and try to navigate through the mine-field of social conventions with skimming nobles.

The Fake News Game

Well, it happened. As a species, we have become too meta. The Fake News Game will give you a news title and it is up to you and your friends to determine whether it is fake or a real thing. Be careful! Sometimes, the truth can be stranger than fiction.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will recognize this game as the variation of Rock Paper Scissors that Sheldon implemented to make the game more interesting. Alexa keeps track of the options, who threw what, the winner, and the score. Every option is weaker than two and stronger than two others.

Categories Game

Much like what many of us played as children, the Categories Game gives you a set of categories and a letter. It is up to you to come up with words for each category. You are graded not only on precision but on speed, as well. It is a competitive trivia game that requires quick thinking.