4 Great VR Party Games to Play with Friends and Family

Family time and nights out with friends have changed. Until a few years ago, you would imagine a gathering like this with some kind of board game, a movie night, or even a trip to the casino. Today, everything is digitalized; casinos like Cashmio even offer bonuses to new customers, for better playing experience. In the gaming world, virtual reality enables us to each be the star of our own movie or video game, and completely immerse ourselves in a different world. Here are 4 great and enjoyable VR games that you can play with either friends or family.

Tilt Brush

If you enjoy a good game night with friends or family, chances are that you have played Pictionary at least once in your life. It’s a very engaging and interesting game that tests your drawing skills, and it usually yields a lot of laughs. Tilt Brush is a step forward from the old-school Pictionary, as the canvas is placed in a VR environment, and the drawings can also be made three-dimensional, which can inspire the players to be even more creative when drawing.

Beat Saber

For those who like Star Wars and Guitar Hero, this comes as the best possible mix of the two. The player is placed on a line, down which come blocks that accompany the songs in the game. Using lightsabers just like those in the Star Wars universe, the player slashes through the blocks in the correct moment. This fun game is bound to shake up and entertain even the laziest of your friends!

Black Hat Cooperative

This game can be engaging both for the person in VR, and those sitting around. One player is placed in the building by using VR; the other(s) are looking at the map of the building from above and trying to navigate them safely around enemies and out of the building. This game is very engaging and it also tests the players’ teamwork skills.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Much like the previous game, this game also tests the players’ teamwork, but in this case, the players are working against a ticking time bomb. One of the players, who is in VR, is set in front of a suitcase containing a very complicated bomb, while the others look at the Bomb Manual and navigate the player to disarm the bomb. If the players make mistakes or do not defuse the bomb in time, the bomb explodes.

Should you play VR games with friends and family?

Although you’ll always hear some parents and grandparents disapproving of this, VR provides people with numerous engaging and exhilarating activities that can be performed from the comfort of their homes –perfect for a rainy Saturday evening, or after a Thanksgiving family dinner.